Justice at Rising Sun!

1,272 union workers have been illegally locked out of Rising Sun, a garment factory in Kenya producing for Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear. The factory has reopened with a new workforce of casual workers who are paid less, receive no benefits and are not allowed to join the union. Fired workers organized demonstrations demanding their jobs back and union workers in other Kenyan garment factories went on strike in solidarity. In response, Rising Sun and the owners of the other garment factories have blacklisted over 30 worker leaders. The Kenyan Ministry of Labor and Industrial Court have sided with the workers, but the owners of Rising Sun refuse to comply with Kenyan and international labor law. Rising Sun now owes its former workers over $540,000 of unpaid terminal dues and back pay.

Students say NO to illegal firings, blacklisting, and sweatshop conditions in factories that make our university logo apparel!

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