Well Done USAS

Today, some of the Rising Sun workers were able to see this blog, and we shared with them the pictures and stories from your protests in the US. Here is what they had to say:

Having read and seen what you people are doing on justice at rising sun, I am very happy because I know that justice is near, though it may take time. I am writing to encourage you to keep on putting pressure on the Rising Sun and other companies where workers rights are not observed. You should mobilize more students because this is the only way that the management is responding. We have gone to court and some recommendations have been given out by the court and have not been followed. Even the recommendation from the Ministry of Labour is there and they have not followed. There were some inspectors from Jones who were denied access to the factory. That shows that the factory is adamant on following the laid-down procedures. But with your mobilization, the company is feeling the pinch and I've got some information that they have really feeling the pinch because most of the subcontracts now are being taken away from the factory. Long live USAS!

-N. (Locked-out Rising Sun worker)

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