National Day of Action Against Jones Apparel Group!

United Students Against Sweatshops members across the country are mobilizing students to support the struggle of the locked-out Rising Sun workers in Athi River Kenya. Students are demanding that Jones Apparel Group pressure Rising Sun (a subcontractor factory) to rehire or fairly compensate all 1272 workers who were illegally fired after forming a union in the factory to fight for better conditions.

Action reports are coming in from across the US....

After having a video conference with the workers, many of us students were touched. Thus we organized a protest in Washington DC outside of the Nine West store. The groups involved were Georgetown, George Washington, American, and some community members who supported our cause. It was quite a powerful protest that went on for about an hour, we even touched a couple of Jones Apparel regulars, who vowed not to shop there again. We also gave the management letters from the workers themselves, hopefully their messages will be heard loud and clear.

In Solidarity,

Graciela Lopez
George Washington University

We had our Rising Sun/Avandia protest today in the mall!

6 SUNY Albany students held up our "Students for Workers' Rights" campus group banner in front of JC Penney's in our local Albany, NY Crossgates Mall and handed out 100 fliers inside the mall...for the first time in one of our mall protests we actually left the mall before security kicked us out! (We ran out of fliers).

A bunch of JC Penney managers were huddled inside the entrance glaring at us and when I went in to talk to them and gave them a flier I realized they were really pissed off at us, which was great cuz they angrily informed me they will be forwarding our fact-flier on Rising Sun & Avandia to their corporate headquarters. And that we better leave because they were sicking mall security on us.


SUNY Albany


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