More Letters of Encouragement from Locked-Out Rising Sun Workers

Here are some more letters of encouragement written today by locked-out Rising Sun workers after they read this blog and watched the video produced by USAS (click here to watch the video):

We Kenyans, especially at Rising Sun factory of Athi River, Kenya, we are positively motivated by what you're doing to ensure that justice is done to workers. We really need to see that all is well. Otherwise, we on the other side we are doing the same. Otherwise have a fantastic time.

-J. (locked out Rising Sun worker)

We are very much grateful for what you have helped us in putting pressure to Rising Sun EPZ - Athi River, Kenya. I think something good will come out since we have suffered a lot for the last six months now. Thanks and God bless you all.

-M. (locked out Rising Sun worker)

We are very much grateful for your support which you're supporting us Rising Sun workers. We will like to put more pressure to the management of Rising Sun EPZ and even to the government of our country, Kenya.

-H. (locked out Rising Sun worker)


Liana said...

Thank you so much for your comments on this blog! Your commitment to the struggle is very inspiring and I really hope that you will achieve victory soon. Mike told us about the recent union meeting outside the EPZ - it is so great that more than 400 workers showed up, despite the difficult situation and the struggle is still happening both in Kenya and the US. I send my strongest solidarity to all of you!

Anonymous said...

this is great stuff; very inspiring.

global justice awaits!!!