Messages of Support from Students in the US

I just wanted you to know that I am behind you 100 percent in your struggle for the right to organize, a fair wage, and for fair treatment overall. There is no questioning the importance of free association and collective bargaining, and I support your inspiring struggle for those rights. The blatant union busting, blacklisting, and general bullying of the Rising Sun factory cannot be conscienced, and your actions are living proof that people will refuse to stomach that unfair treatment. Keep up the good work – we are all behind you.
-Trevor Strunk, USAS student Ursinus College

Keep up the good fight! Progress is built on the backs of the people, and one of the most important steps toward equality is unionization. We admire your persistence, courage, and determination to demand your rights. Know that there are people all over the world pulling for you, sending their hopes, prayers, and well-wishes to your cause. Stay strong and remember that you are not alone.

- Chris Curley, USAS student Ursinus College

When we protested at JCPenney’s two weeks ago we emphasized how workers organizing on the ground and consumers organizing in the states can have a real impact in promoting respect for workers rights in the garment industry. It is only when we hold brands and factory management accountable for the treatment of workers and upholding of codes of conduct can we assure the right to organize and the importance of worker voices in the workplace is respected! We will continue to pressure Steve and Barry’s through actions and media using the video produced with your words and experiences! This is what our solidarity looks like!
-Dina Yarmus, USAS student, Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizer

What you have been going through at the Rising Sun Factory is unbelievable. No one should have to suffer like that and I want you to know that you have support in finding justice. Union busting, blacklisting, and harassment are unacceptable. Keep fighting and know that we are all behind you.
Caitlin Maddox, USAS student Ursinus College

I would like to express my complete support for your struggle against a prominent, international corporation. I know that many other Americans may not pay attention to worldly affairs, claiming that they are too busy; however, I want you to know that I, along with other college students, hope to contribute to the changes you are fighting for in Kenya. The blacklisting and anti-union efforts of the Rising Sun factory cannot be tolerated and demonstrate how inattentive corporations are of their workers’ working conditions. We hope to continue raising awareness on your behalf in the United States through protesting at commercial centers and enlisting the support of college administrations to pressure Rising Sun further. Keep up the fight!
Andrew Clark, USAS student Ursinus College

I am part of work at my school to hold Steve and Barry's accountable and no longer allow for workers rights abuses in such factories, I it is an honor to be working in solidarity with you all. Your struggle is an inspiration to me and to the fight for fair labor rights around the world. Thank you for supplying us with such a great example of strength and truth and I wish you the best as we continue the struggle together.
-Claudia Ebel, University of Colorado, Rockies Regional Organizer

As a student in college, reading and hearing about the workers' struggle at Rising Sun, I began to feel helpless, but this is an issue that we can all overcome together, as universities and students joining together with the workers who are directly effected. Some students and I are working to get our administration to sign on to the DSP, so that we can work towards eliminating injustice and inhumane conditions in factories that make our school's apparel, much like that of Rising Sun. I believe that if we, both students across the nation and workers, join together, you (the workers) will be able to overcome this injustice forced upon you.
-Suzanne Lee, USAS student Villanova U

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