Rising Sun Workers Continue to Struggle

It has now been almost six months since workers were illegally locked-out of the Rising Sun factory. Workers and the Tailors and Textile Workers Union are still fighting the case through the Kenyan court system. The struggle continues and your actions in the US have been an important morale boost! Here are some more messages from workers who watched the video and read this blog:

We are very grateful to what you are doing and we believe that the future is just. They "employer" can run away from us but not from justice. We want to encourage you to go on with ashaming the shameless investors, who only care for their gains ignoring the people who raise them in their business. And we join in saying no to sweatshops - live up to the spirit of your motto.
-N. (locked-out Rising Sun worker)

I may lack words to appreciate the kind of job you are doing in favor of the oppressed. He who does good does to himself and whoever does bad thus to himself as says the Holy Bible. Thank you once more and may God help and sustain you to help some more.
-Anonymous (locked-out Rising Sun worker)

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